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We are known for providing professional drain cleaning services in Saskatoon SK.

Drainrite Sewer & Drain Cleaning Co. is proud to offer a wide range of quality drain cleaning services and No job is too big or too complicated for us thanks to our decades of experience. This makes us the perfect choice for any drainage problems that you may encounter. from main sewer lines to plumbing vents, unplugging drains is what we do best!

Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing problems any household can experience. A choked-up drain will prevent water from properly emptying out, preventing its use. Typically, homeowners have the option of unclogging their drains using drain cleaning chemicals, but such substances can be highly toxic to the environment and tricky to handle.

Drain Cleaning can be a real hassle, but we have the solution. First, our professional Saskatoon Drain Cleaning technicians will open your drain and review the problem at hand. Then we will use our drain cleaning process to thoroughly clean any clogs that are within your drains. With our service, you no longer have to handle pricey and highly toxic drain cleaning formulas on your own to remove clogs.

Our professional drain cleaning experts can handle problems from as simple as a toy flushed down the toilet to the more difficult main sewer backup. With our video inspection equipment we can show you where the drain is clogged and when the drain is cleared. Our expert drain cleaners use the latest plumbing technology designed to get out every drain clog, including video drain inspection.

We are more than capable of addressing any issue you may have with your residential or commercial drainage system. Our drain cleaning services include but are not limited to:



✔️Main Sewer back-ups

✔️Kitchen Sinks clogs

✔️Clogged Bathtub Drains

✔️Blocked Bathroom Sink Drains

✔️Plugged Floor Drains

✔️Backed-up Laundry Drains

✔️Plugged Toilets

✔️Plumbing Vents

✔️Sewer & Drain Cleaning

✔️Clogged Drains

✔️Bathroom Drains

✔️Drainage Video Inspection

✔️Underground pipe locating services

✔️High pressure washing of drain pipes


Providing Drain Cleaning services 24 hours a day







No Hidden Charges

Bill shock is an all-too-common problem. In line with our commitment to providing the best services in town, we can guarantee you that bill shock will never be an issue with us. Prior to starting, our technicians will provide you with an accurate estimate for the scope of the job. No hidden charges!

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