Drain Cleaning for Saskatoon, Martensville and Warman Families since 1996!


Video Inspection

Not sure what is causing the problems in your drains?

You don't have to guess anymore! With our video inspection equipment, we are able to get an insiders look at what the real problem is and get to the "root" of the problem quickly. From 1 1/2" drain lines up to 6" drainlines (Digital recording also available)

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scout locator

Pipe Locating

We take the guess work out of finding where the right spot to dig up the problem area of the drain line is by using a video camera made for drain lines and a locator that will pin point the location.

If you have a drain line that needs repair, call us to make sure that the right spot is excavated by locating it the right way!

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Drain Washing

When your car get dirty you take it to the car wash. Now when the inside of your pipes get dirty you can get them washed too!

Just like the high pressure washing system at the car wash, we have special high pressure washing equipment that can clean all of that grime, slime and sludge from the inside of your pipes keeping your pipes happy and clean!

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Our Mission:
To provide a professional service and a stress free experience for clients, leaving no drain plugged.

"We will Unplug any Drain!"